Educational activities and leading workshops for dance and movement of recent years
University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (MdW).
Senior Lecturer Dance & Movement at Music and Movement Education / Rhythmics since 2001.

Since 2001 I have been teaching Music and Movement at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna.
Dance and Movement Education is an incredibly exciting subject for me. Drawing the attention of students to something they were not aware of before enables them to sense the movement in its logical form.

Targeted tasks allow for exploration of movement. In the ocean of options, it is possible to make a decision with complete concentration and at just the right moment. Improvisation is an important part of my classes.

Floor work
Following my studies of Feldenkrais (training and diploma as Feldenkrais Practitioner in Basel 1998-2001), a focus of my classes lies also in the principles of floor work.

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IFANT - Institute for Theater Pedagogy, Vienna.
Movement workshops, Head of course since 2012

Since 2008, the Institute of Theater Pedagogy (IFANT) has offered extra-occupational training and education in theater education and drama education.
It is the only educational institution in Austria recognized for all educational offers by the Bundesverband Theaterpädagogik (BuT).

Both basic education and advanced training conclude with the BuT® Graduation, which is a quality seal in the theater education market.

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Below is a selection of current and past workshops on dance and movement training.

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Work Exchange & Erasmus

Elisabeth Orlowsky has been frequently invited in recent years to national and international educational institutions and universities for seminars and workshops to teach dance and movement.


Schule des Theaters, Vienna.
Movement workshop, Head of course.

The school of the theater offers a wide range of education and training. Experienced trainers and experts impart exceptional knowledge of the art of acting outside the usual methods.

Lee Strasberg and Stanislavskij acting training, Linklater, Feldenkrais, Physical Theater after Jacques Lecoq, Grotowski's Body / Voice Training, the Susan Batson Method ... right now!
Elisabeth Orlowsky was part of the teaching team for many years.

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