is an ambitious dance-theater-music collective under the artistic direction of Susanne Litschauer and Elisabeth Orlowsky that develops projects in various formats.

Their work focus on interviews with people of all ages, backgrounds and living conditions. From the interviews, from trivial literature and psychotherapeutic and philosophical essays on various topics arise textual sequences, dance and video sequences.
The improvisational live music - percussion / electronics - creates a new acoustic landscape every evening through which the performers pave their way.
Text, dance, video and music condition and influence each other, creating areas of energy and tension. The interviews spin the guide of performance and transform the theater project into the here and now of each one of us.

FoxP2 or the art of cleaning up

Performance, Dance and Play
25. October 2019, 8 p.m. at Setzkasten, Hernalser Hauptstraße 29/4, 1170 Vienna

FoxP2 cleans up and wonders what more precious lifetime costs: Properly keep order or just let it arrive and then search.
In the "Setzkasten" in Hernalser Hauptstraße 29/4: There is probably no better place in Vienna for this performance about order and chaos

Are you a messy or an order type? What does your sock drawer look like?
Are you born as a chaotic or have you lost your orderliness?
What does an anthill look like inside.
Which order instructions are useful and which sound fun?
How many of your books have you read?
Do you like to write lists?
How many mails do you save?
Is there order security?

          photo: Samuel Zeller, Cesar Carlevarino Aragon, Darwin Vegher, Ashim D’Silva, Setzkasten

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Fox P2 or the art of unbuttoning a shirt (in planning, autumn 2019)

Damn, where does this longing come from?
A theater-dance-music performance about longing

Do you have a place of longing - and what does it look like? Can you define longing?

Time and again explored, sung, described, painted and staged by the greats in art and science, longing is and always will be an everyday feeling that shapes each and every one of us, which can be both an driver and an obstacle for our thinking, Feeling and acting, for our decisions and aspirations - in short: for our whole life.
Desire is not just a feeling, but a cognitive phenomenon.
It is an attempt to overcome an imperfect state of reality.

Director / Acting: Susanne Litschauer
Director / Choreographer / Dance: Elisabeth Orlowsky
Composition / Musician: Stella Warrings
Compostion / Musician: Stefan Vogelsinger

        photo: Kristaps Grundsteins, Charles del Luvio, Stéphan Valentin, Jamie Templeton

FoxP2 or Half-storey in the living room

Performance with Live Music at Cafe Siebenstern, Vienna. April 2018.

An ethnographic music theater dance project inspired by texts from Berthold Brecht

Based on texts by Berthold Brecht, who addresses the intolerable superficial culture and longing as a result of the loss of a cultural identity, fragments and scenes emerged to the small and large concerns of the people.

From the laboratory to the field - an ethnography of yearning along the Vienna tram line 71
The tram line 71, on its way through many, very different areas of Vienna, forms a link that summarizes many facets of urban life and the fates associated with it: from the elegant city center to Simmering, from the stock exchange as a symbol of capital over the high culture (Burgtheater, State Opera) and top politics (Town Hall, Parliament) to the Central Cemetery.
The ethnographic study is now to be passed on to the outside world. The same questions the ensemble has set for itself are now being addressed to people in and along the '71 line. What longings drive a stockbroker? Why did someone choose the profession of the gravedigger? Does everyone have a choice? What happens to a human being when he can never realize any of his desires? Or is the unsealableness perhaps part of the longing itself?

Artistic Director: Susanne Litschauer, Elisabeth Orlowksy
Director / Choreographer: Elisabeth Orlowsky
Director: Susanne Litschauer
Composition: Marlenen Lacherstorfer, Magdalena Zens
Text: Maximilian Lang
Performers: Susanne Litschauer, Elisabeth Orlowsky, Edouard Raix
Musicians on stage: Marlenen Lachertorfer, Magdalena Zens