An overview of the choreoraphic work for dance, musical theater and drama

Compagnie Smafu | Dance and performance

Elisabeth Orlowsky founded the Companie Smafu in 1995 to work on her own choreographies and productions. She has been the artsitic director of the company for almost 20 years and performed herself on various occasions. The numerous dance and performance pieces for a young public, for 5 year olds as well as young adults, have toured in various countries and have been invited frequently to International Dance Festivals.

The Companie Smafu stands for committed, associative works in the field of contemporary dance and performance within a present-day art and culture concept.


Family day in June 2016 & 2017, Schlosspark Grafenegg
Tonkünstler Orchestra (AT)

Dance performance for children from 6 years

The notes flicker and flutter, beguile and threaten, breeze up and calm down again. Fabulous beings are attracted to the music. You can mess up a Sunday morning pretty much. The bass violin no longer knows where it belongs, and even the conductor gets confused for a moment.

Every year children and their families are invited to spend a musical day around the castle Grafenegg. Concerts, adventure stations, workshops with the musicians of the Tonkünstler Orchestra, games and backstage tours make the day an unforgettable experience for all!

Commissioned work by Jeunesse Austria

Elisabeth Orlowsky has been working on choreographing and playing pieces for dance and music on behalf of Jeunesse Austria for many years. These works take place with different artistic partners, in changing formats and music and dance styles. Herinafter you find a selection of some works.


Choreographic support for drama

For several years Elisabeth Orlowsky has accompanied actors choreographically in classical theater like the Josefstadt-Theater, Volkstheater or Theater der Jugend and has supported productions like 'Der Witwenclub', 'Bürger als Edelmann', '1000 Clowns', 'Die kleine Hexe', 'Der kleine Kröterich', 'Die wilde Sophie', 'Bella, Boss und Bulli' or 'Ronja, die Räuberstochter'.