The most recent work commissioned by Elisabeth Orlowsky was the development of a choreographic concept for a contemporary composition by Georg Friedrich Haas. This composition, realized by musicians of Ensemble Plus, was performed for the first time in Austria in February 2023 in Dornbirn.


PREMIERE 16.02.2023 | 19.30 Uhr | Kulturhaus Dornbirn

Further performances: 17., 18., 19., 21., 22.2.2023

Production: Brigitte Walk
Choreographic direction: Elisabeth Orlowsky
DAnce und Choreography: Miriam Arnold, Sebastian Kapps, Joni Österlund, Marina Rützler, Silvia Salzmann, Chris Wang
Composition: Georg Friedrich Haas
Music: Ensemble Plus
Equipment: Sandra Münchow
Light design: Matthias Zuggalg
Make-up: Saskia Wiedl
Production management: Nicole Wehinger

At the center of the choreography are 6 solos. The dancers move from the darkness into the light and out again into the darkness, as if on a loop. Now and then one dancer remains in the light longer and a solo is danced. Then two solos merge into a duo. Trios are created. The individual solos change constantly.
The outer structure of the choreography remains, but the use of force and phrasing, the fragmentation of the movements changes the expression of the dancers. The graceful becomes rough. They move towards a kind of "reverse evolution". The tonal richness of facets should be reflected in the richness of facets of the dancers' expression. Time plays a role.


PREMIERE 02.12.202 | Das Lot | Butoh Festival Vienna

Dance and Choreography: Elisabeth Orlowsky
Composition: Petra Stum-Linshalm
Bass Clarinette: Heinz-Peter Linshalm

In recent years, Elisabeth Orlowsky has wandered through the city looking for clues. Finding seemingly insignificant things in order to discover the bizarre, the disturbing or the poetic in them.
In three scenes, random moments and images are transferred into a dance language that creates a pulsating space with the help of the driving force of live music.

Composition Madame Pele
Composer Petra Stump-Linshalm was inspired to write this work by the Polynesian legends surrounding the goddess Pele. Pele is the goddess of volcanoes and fire. Many legends entwine around the fiery Pele, but it is said that one can calm her down and negotiate with her through gentle chants.